Mattias Adolfsson

Q&A interview conducted with Mattias Adolfsson at on Monday 12 May, 2008

Hi, Mattias.

B. Your home is where?
M. Sigtuna outside of Stockholm Sweden

B. When and how did you first become interested in art?
M. I've been interested in Illustration as a small boy, when reading comics and books

B. Is anyone else in your family artistic?
M. My mother went to art school when she was young, she didn't pursue it though but worked with other things, my father was an excellent sketcher while young but he came from a poor background and did not educate in that field. My sister works as a graphic designer at Swedens largest child publisher

B. Who are your main influences?
M. Of a rather strict European origin my largest influence while a boy was OA (Oscar Andersson turn of the last century artist) an excellent artist and a great humorist unfortunately he decided to end his life prematurely

B. What has been your biggest project to date?
M. The largest by far was the computer game I did after I left art school building on my thesis work, can't say it turned into a great game though.

B. If you had to save just one of your works(hypothetically speaking), which would it be?
M. Hard to say but maybe this spread called autumn, I feel for the budgie

B. What are you working on at the moment?
M. I'm finishing two rather large project one children's book and one an assignment for a Swedish museum

B. Which piece of your own artwork are you most proud of?
M. That awaits to be finished, but I'm rather proud of this it's part of the children's book project I'm working on

B. What is your favoured medium?
M. ink and watercolor I do not vary myself much I'm afraid

B. And to end, a trivial question; Your favourite film of all time, please?
M. Andrei Rublev by Andrei Tarkovsky in close combat with the seventh seal by Ingmar Bergman

Thank you, Mattias Adolfsson. A small selection of Mattias's work follows. For more from Mattias, please visit his photostream at flickr